Possible Effects of the Ukraine Crisis on the Balkans: Common Fate of Turkish Albanian and Bosnian Communities


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As the crisis between Russia and Ukraine escalates day by day, the way this chaotic setting will be affecting the entire world has been a topic of interest for almost every country and community. When it comes to war, it is inevitable for the multiplier effect to be on both a regional and a global scale. Needless to say, whether it be on a regional or a global scale, the chaotic setting caused by wars has negative political, communal, economic and the like effects.  Without a doubt, the effects of a possible war on both Turkey and the surrounding of Turkey, especially the Balkans, must be evaluated within probable scenarios.

The worst-case scenario for the Balkans would be the chaos to spread over to the region. During these times, where the world is focused on the crisis between Russia and Ukraine and Ukraine practically being left to the conscience of Russia by the UN, NATO, EU, and the U.S.A, a conflict emerging in the Balkan region may have devastating effects. The prime candidate for such a negative scenario to occur is Bosnia-Herzegovina.

It is a well-known secret by everyone that the Republic of Srpska’s Presidential Council member Milorad Dodik, has been making separatist remarks and taking such steps in Bosnia for a while by the indorsement of Moscow. The eruption of a Ukrainian War might lead to Dodik consult in some actions including close combat for the sovereignty of the Republic of Serbia by carrying out the crisis in Bosnia. As well as causing a domino effect on the region and resulting in other conflicts, a possible eruption of war in Bosnia will also negatively affect many countries and communities around the region in every way.

Bosnian and Serbian populations are not the only ones who will be left in the midst of a hot conflict in the Balkans. Naturally, the Albanian and the Turkish communities will be situated in almost every crisis in the region. The population and the influence of these communities in the region situate them in the center of regional matters. This common fate destines the two communities to a true unity. A solid alliance in the Balkans established by the Turkish, Albanian, and Bosnian communities, will provide them an opportunity to act together as well as strengthen their powers.

For all said reasons, the establishment of an alliance platform between Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina is crucial for improving the collective political dialogue as well as the economic and cultural cooperation but first and foremost for the peace of the region.  Turkish, Albanian, and Bosnian communities share common religious, cultural, and integral values as well as a common fate. The common prosperity and the concern of these communities must bring their states together with the same values as well.

Possible Effects of the Ukraine Crisis on the Balkans: Common Fate of Turkish Albanian and Bosnian Communities

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