”The issue of a military base and violation of the Lausanne peace treaty”


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At the request of the two states of the United States and Greece, it is planned to install radar with a military base in the Alexandroupolis region of Western Thrace, located 30 Kilometers from Turkey in Greece. With this plan, Greece aims to draw a U.S. obstacle to Turkey in Western Thrace, while the United States aims to surround Russia and Turkey with this base, Monitor The Straits and Aegean, and secure the supply of Southern Cyprus and Israeli energy resources to Europe. But according to the Lausanne peace treaty and the Treaty on the border with Thrace, Alexandroupolis is a region that should be demilitarized. The military base and radar that the United States and Greece will establish here will both violate the Lausanne peace treaty and violate and occupy the rights of Western Thrace society arising from Lausanne. Expressing the relevant situation in public will defend our interests for the rights of both Turkey’s national and international and Western Thrace society. The relevant analysis is prepared for this.

‘’Issue of military base and violation of the Lausanne Peace Treaty’’

* Recently, Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos also visited Turkey a controversial proposal was also found, which was closely related. Kammenos proposed that the United States establish new military bases in Greece and maintain permanent military power.

* The United States currently has a naval base in the Gulf of Suda on the island of Crete (Girit), while the Air base in Larissa also has Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) units.

*In addition, Kammenos expressed that they wanted the United States to deploy permanent military forces in Volos and Dedeağaç, i.e. Alexandroupolis in Western Thrace.

* The United States also clearly has an intention and request to establish a military base in Dedeağaç is known. US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt frequently visits Alexandroupolis.

*He says the region is of strategic importance to the United States. Well, both Why does both Greece and the United States want a military base in Dedeağaç?

* Greece’s oppression and assimilation policies in Western Thrace are already although it is known that Athens, Turkey, especially political, military and economic.

*He sees his development as a threat to him. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visits to to Athens and Western Thrace and his attitude has caused discomfort in Athens, and continues to arouse it.

* The rise of the Lozan (Lausanne) peace treaty controversy and the opinion leaders of both Ankara and the region on Western Thrace, rights and autonomy adding to their demands, Athens thinks it may break away from the hands of Western Thrace in the future. He plans to guarantee himself and the region by deploying US troops to the region.

 *We cannot say that the United States cares about Greece’s concerns about Western Thrace. One of the first and most important goals of the United States is a radar covering a large region in Western Thrace, especially the Straits and Aegean Sea, where it can be observed, ability to install the system. The United States wants to expand and strengthen its position against Russia and Turkey both in terms of this system and its position on the base.

*Another secret goal of the United States regarding Western Thrace may be due to new plans for the region. As is known, Greece; the United States, Israel, Southern Cyprus and Egypt supply energy resources in the Mediterranean and especially rock gas to Europe.

*It is the most important route in its planning. It is one of the alternative transfer points in Western Thrace along this route. It is also believed that the United States plans to secure the future of Israel’s energy supplies to Europe, especially with a base in Dedeağaç (Alexandroupolis).

*Although the Lausanne peace treaty has been raised many times in our country, it is clear that issues such as the Aegean Islands, Mosul and Kirkuk, especially in Western Thrace, still remain in our memory as unsolvable problems. In the future of these problems. Another clear fact is that many of us carry the hope that it will be resolved.

* Although it is known that these problems are not issues that can be solved in real political terms today, Turkey has a say in Western Thrace, and Western Thrace society also has many autonomous rights arising from Lausanne it should not be forgotten.

* Greece has been trying to assimilate Western Thrace society since Lausanne with many rights violations, while deploying American troops to the region to throw the situation into chaos and he wants the region to be an occupation zone, not an autonomous zone.

* It is obvious that the military forces that will be deployed to the region will worsen the social, political and economic situation in the region. Increased pressure on Western Thrace Society, legal or informal legal attacks on the region,

*Paramilitary groups that will be formed in the region can also cause chaos in the region that cannot be ended. Turkey already plans according to all positive and negative scenarios he must prepare.

* The clearest move to be made is that Turkey further expresses the rights and autonomy of the Western Thracian society arising from Lausanne and other international agreements and tries to prevent a US-origin “invasion” attempt on the region. West

*A military base to be established in Thrace is not only aimed at assimilating or exiling Western Thrace society, but also at besieging Turkey.

‘’Issue of military base and violation of the Lausanne Peace Treaty’’

* The insidious way in which the United States and Greece plan to establish a military base in Western Thrace, especially in Dedeağaç (Alexandroupolis), is based on a violation of the Lozan (Lausanne) peace treaty. At this point, the establishment of a military base in Alexandroupolis, 60 Kilometers from the Turkish border.

Two facts are being deflected by the public statement that it was planned.

* The first one is located 30 Kilometers from the Turkish border in Dedeağaç (Alexandroupolis).

*October July 24, 1923, in addition to the Lozan (Lausanne) peace treaty, Dedeağaç (Alexandroupolis) is within 30 kilometers of the border with Turkey, which should be demilitarized into the territory of Greece.

*In other words, the military base that the United States and Greece plan to build in Dedeağaç (Alexandroupolis) is completely contrary to the Lozan (Lausanne) peace treaty.

*Of The Convention On The Border With Thrace. according to the first article; “from the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea, the lands on both sides of the borders separating Turkey from Bulgaria and Greece will be demilitarized within the following borders and approximately thirty kilometers wide.”

* In the third article, it is stated that the demilitarization of the regions defined in the first article will adhere to the following provisions. According to this;

* 1-) “All the facilities that exist now in this region, both permanent fortifications and Saharan fortifications, will be stripped of weapons and dismantled by the state in which they are located in their country. No new facilities of this kind will be built in the said region,

no weapons depot shall be established; no other facilities shall be established for the purpose of attack or defence in relation to land, sea and air forces.

*2-) No armed force will be able to stay or roam, except for special elements necessary to maintain internal order and keep the borders in custody, such as gendarmerie, police, customs officers, border guards. The presence of these special elements, which are mandatory for the absence of any air power, will not exceed the following numbers.

* A-) a total of 5,000 people in the demilitarized zone of the Turkish country;

* B-) a total of 2,500 people in the demilitarized zone of the Greek country;

* C-) a total of 2,500 people in the demilitarized zone of the Bulgarian country…

* 3-) Land or naval military aircraft are prohibited from flying over the Demilitarized Zone –regardless of its flag.

* As can be seen in the Treaty on the border with Thrace, both the Greek side and our country and the guarantor countries of the treaty have agreed not to establish a military base in Alexandroupolis in Western Thrace within 30 kilometers of the border with Turkey.

* This point is that Turkey should stop planning the military base that the United States and Greece are trying to establish in Dedeağaç (Alexandroupolis), expressing the relevant provisions of the Lozan (Lausanne) peace treaty in both national and international public opinion.


• Announcing “plans of the United States and Greece to establish a military base in Dedeağaç (Alexandroupolis) in Western Thrace” in the public opinion of Turkey and announcing the plan and raising public awareness,

* Public defense of the fact that the US and Greece’s plans for a military base in Dedeağaç (Alexandroupolis) will violate the Lozan (Lausanne) peace treaty,

* Correct informing of all actors of the public on the relevant issue; politicians, journalists, writers, TV People, radio people, academics and researchers, as well as non-governmental organizations,

* Program on related topics and topics in Universities and press publications, organizing meetings and symposiums,

* Opposition to these plans of the United States and Greece by expressing the relevant issue in international media and organizations by official, private and civilian actors,

* Organizing and informing the Society of Western Thrace and institutions and organizations operating in Western Thrace on related issues,

* The Presidency, The Presidency of the Turkish Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and deputies, which are the official bodies of the Republic of Turkey, needs to express the relevant issue in bilateral negotiations between the Republic of Turkey –the United States and Greece. Warnings must be made.

Analysis by Erdem Eren dated 13.10.2018

”The issue of a military base and violation of the Lausanne peace treaty”

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